Enterprise Architecture

Today, with most of the organizations becoming more complex in structure and dimensions and distributed in different locations, achieving an optimized performance is not possible by just assigning roles and job description. Instead, processes, information, goals and staff role should match to goals and strategies of the organization. To overcome this issue, a plan should be implemented for defining the relations between all dimensions and elements of the organization and adapt them to changes, if necessary. This plan which consists of information from personnel, processes, places and other dimensions and specifications of the organization is called Enterprise Architecture.

Enterprise architecture divides into four architecture domain.

  • Business architecture
  • Data architecture
  • Applications architecture
  • Technology architecture



Enterprise architecture is required to enable the organizations

  • Effectively manage information through IT
  • Enhance IT systems to meet the needs of organizations by removing fragmented and duplicated information, make IT systems more understandable, improve IT systems to be more responsive to change and Focus the investments in IT on a strategic plan
  • Evolve enterprises to integrated environments
  • Optimize the business to benefit most from technology
  • Increase accuracy of systems and business analysis
  • Improve strategic decision making process by providing multiple views of organization
  • Improve business and IT efficiency
  • Achieve a better return on investment by reducing the complexity of business and IT, increasing flexibility, optimizing the structure and reducing the risk of investment and cost of ownership


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