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Solar inCode is a next-generation software for application security testing. Solar inCode’s convenient interface requires just a couple of clicks, since all the intricate variability of algorithms and settings is automated as much as possible.

If the source code is available, the scanner easily integrates with software repositories. Otherwise, a working copy of the program can be simply uploaded to Solar inCode. Mobile software can be tested by merely copying a link to the app in Google Play or Apple Store into the Solar inCode menu.

Solar inCode provides detailed recommendations and instructions on addressing any vulnerabilities by either (1) amending the source code or (2) using remedies available in SIEM, WAF and Firewall systems.


  • No need for source code to analyze Applications
  • Test results are generated in the format of specific recommendations on addressing vulnerabilities
  • Detailed instructions are produced on setup procedures for SIEM, WAF, FW and NGFW security systems
  • Several code analysis technologies are employed to detect a greater number of vulnerabilities
  • A user-friendly interface that enables scanning by just two mouse clicks
  • The product seamlessly integrates with the process of secure software development


  • Web and mobile applications are available to external users; the IS department, while having no control over their security, is still held responsible for incidents
  • Lack of proper communication between the IS department and developers: the source code is not handed over to IS, or, at best, IS gets an archive that is almost impossible to sort out
  • Web application code errors take too long to fix
  • Data leaks owing to bugs intentionally built into the code by developers
  • Lack of control over the security of applications used by the company





Solar inCode consists of three functional elements:

  • The analytical system
  • The reporting system
  • The Fuzzy Logic Engine to process false positives

This structure makes our product a fast and efficient application security-testing tool that requires no lengthy setup or training.


Solar Dozor is a comprehensive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution to monitor employees’ digital communications at the workplace.

Solar Dozor is customized to identify and investigate suspicious employee behavior that may cause serious financial losses to the employer such as early warning signs of fraud, conflicts of interests or affiliation with 3rd party, etc.


  • Predictive monitoring for early detection of employee’s unlawful activities and corporate fraud signs.
  • Full archive of employees’ digital communications data with advanced search capabilities
  • Case-files for employees and restricted data objects
  • Incident lifecycle management throughout the investigation process
  • All required features of a DLP solution to monitor employees digital communications.


  • Identification og employee’s abnormal behavior in the workplace
  • Identification of unusual and risky contacts of employees
  • Social graph to depict employee relations to other users
  • Employee Loyalty Index for each person
  • Tips on further steps conducting an investigation
  • Data analysis based on OLAP and BI Technologies


Dozor Structure


Solar Dozor 6.0 consists of the following components:

  • DLP modules to monitor and classify intercepted messages; these modules may be deployed at the edge of the network;
  • Full communications archive to accumulate hundreds of terabytes of employees’ generated data for reliable storage and forensics;
  • Analytical tools to conduct investigations, maintain case files and run automatic examination of incidents.